Saturday, March 2, 2013

Even More Than I Had Asked For

I lost my very small medal of St Anthony when I was 24 years old in my front garden, near the footpath, whilst gardening. It was a particularly small, elaborately worked gold medal and on a very fine chain and sent to me from Italy as a special gift, as I am Christened Antonietta after San Antonio. I was devastated and looked for hours and even weeks afterwards for this unique medal. Every time I did gardening or walked to the front garden, I hoped and indeed, I searched for weeks. I had saved the chain as it broke but the medal flew off to unknown destinations. I prayed to St. Anthony and in the end, I gave up and prayed that St. Anthony would bless the finder. About 6 years later, whilst gardening out the front (again), I saw something glisten and shine, right in my eye, on the footpath outside my home. I investigated and found a very small, delicate, gold medal of St. Anthony lying on the footpath next to a little solid gold, 3 dimensional heart. It was not my medal but equally beautiful and valuable. I could not find the owner and investigated the lost and found papers for a couple of weeks before I decided that somehow, someway, St. Anthony got back to me with even more than I had asked for.
Imagine, in front of my house, a different medal plus a lovely little heart, in broad daylight. What are the odds? I love St Anthony for many things and for his wonderful example of a well spent life. I am 80 years old in two months and I still remember that glistening gift on my footpath as though it were yesterday.

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