Wednesday, March 20, 2013

St. Anthony Never Left Me Unaided

I have way too many stories! Stories upon stories! St. Anthony never left me unaided, personally speaking.

My recent story was that I lost my wedding ring for over a week. I thought it was lost in a parking lot somewhere and in these difficult financial times that someone would take it and cash it in. I got that ring at 21 and am 26 years into marriage in a time when 50 percent of everyone divorces. It held no monetary value to me, just pure sentimental and it was blessed at my Church wedding. I appealed to St. Anthony and resigned to never seeing it again unless a miracle. Within a day or two, my husband found the ring on the floor to our home at the entrance (we certainly would have seen it for the over week it was missing and we were looking!) right underneath a picture bunch that I have on our entrance wall that is full of ALL our family wedding pictures, way back to my great-great-grandparents. They are all in black and white and none have ever been divorced thus far. In the middle is a frame that has in calligraphy "Families are Forever." RIGHT under this "shrine to marriage" you can call it, was my wedding
band. Thank you, St. Anthony! :)

Thank you K.P. for sharing your heartning St. Anthony story with us. Have a St. Anthony story of your own to share? Email it to us and we will share it on the blog~