Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Was The Doubting Thomas

My wife was sitting on the sofa when her engagement ring got caught in the sofa cover. The diamond had gotten lost from the ring leaving only the protruding fingers. We had no idea how long the diamond had been missing. Needless to say, she was very upset and wanted me to find it.
I knew that it was not possible. We didn't know when it was lost or where, but to console her I got a flashlight and suggested she pray to St. Anthony, while I searched for something impossible to find. She finally said she remembered bumping her hand against a door frame and maybe that's when it happened. So I searched around all the doors and wanted to give up many times, but when I got to the garage door where we have a freezer, I shined the flashlight behind the freezer where there was a lot of dust and dead leaves and a slight sparkle of the diamond.
I was the doubting Thomas but St. Anthony came through anyway.

Thank you E.K. for sharing your amazing St. Anthony story with us~