Saturday, April 6, 2013

It Was Truly A Miracle To Me

I’ve had several things St. Anthony has found for me over the years, but the most recent one was last week. I’m a musician, and about 18 years ago, I had a pair of hypo-allergenic musician’s earplugs made for me. I’ve used them “religiously” over the past 18 years while performing in jazz bands and other groups. I was starting to have a problem with ringing in my ears years ago, when I had these earplugs made. I have never lost them, and have been EXTREMELY careful to always keep them in the same place so that I don’t lose them and can always find them.

Well, a few months ago, after using them at Pipe Band practice, I thought I had put them away in my usual place in my purse, but when I went to look for them a few days later, they were nowhere to be found. I searched my purse over and over again, looked in my cars in case they had fallen out, checked all my clothing in case I had put them in a pocket, called the Lost & Found at the church we practiced at, and still no earplugs…. They are not easy to replace, and I’ve been very distraught over losing them. I have a skin allergy to the over the counter type plugs that you can get, plus they don’t work as well. I didn’t know what to do, so I called on St. Anthony more than once over the past few months to try and help.

I had pretty much given up, then one week ago at Jazz Band practice (I play in a community group), I set my purse down next to my case while I put my instrument together, and staring straight at me were my earplugs in their normal red case! There was a small zipper compartment on the lower inside of the purse that was open, and the earplugs were in that compartment and had “floated” to the top where I could see them with my purse open. It was truly a miracle to me, as I’m sure I looked in EVERY compartment in my purse, more than once. Thank you, St. Anthony!

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