Thursday, April 18, 2013

Some Things Don't Change With Time

As a strong Christian believer (and the closer that I get to the gate, the more I believe), I prayed for a favor this weekend. I had serviced a party for someone at their home. Needless to say, 80 people were there and the crowd, especially the children, where everywhere. My client needed 3 or 4 staff but only hired me, so I really didn't get much time to see anything at all.

Anyway, being the only stranger in the home, and the only hired help, I felt awful when the owner nicely asked me if I happened to see her camera before the breakfast buffet began. I hadn't seen anything I told her, I was just trampled by 80 people and couldn't identify anything at all. The following day she called me to say thanks for the great job I did (it turned out to be a triple amount of people) and how well I handled it. Could I possibly have seen that camera was the same question again. I felt awful, I was a little disturbed that she mentioned it to me again, but I told her that it would show up. Too many people have the same camera, probably an error and too much mess. I said I would pray to St. Anthony on it. I told her who St. Anthony was, but she thanked me and hung up. As I lay in bed today, thinking and praying that it would surface, she sent me a text. The camera showed up in the cellar of her gigantic home, the place that harbored those 50 kids after they ate. I was so relieved! Thank you St. Anthony, some things don't change with are still #1!

Thank you C. for sending us your great St. Anthony story. Have a story of St. Anthony's help in your own life? Email it to us and we will post it on the blog~