Sunday, June 23, 2013

I Had Forgotten About Him

When I was younger I was a great believer of St. Anthony but over the years I had forgotten about him and hardly ever prayed to him. A week back I stumbled across your site, it was a wonderful feeling reading about all the wonderful miracles. Then I suddenly remembered my Mum had given me a small statue of St. Anthony over a year back, I looked everywhere for him but I couldn't find it so I decided to pray and literally in a matter of minutes I opened a drawer which I never expected to find it, and there it was.
Since then he has blessed me in many ways, and today he found my cell phone which I thought was never going to be found. Thank you for this website and thank you St. Anthony for everything.

And thank you to M.F. for sharing her inspiring stories of St. Anthony - we are grateful that she 'found' him again in her life through our blog, as that is our greatest goal~ Have a story or two of your own to share? Email us to have them posted on our blog.