Thursday, July 4, 2013

St. Anthony's Super Tuesdays

St. Anthony still amazes me!
I was not mad about him, (sorry St. Anthony.) My husband lost his job and he was unemployed for many months. It was not possible for him to be re-employed because of his advance age. He made two or three novenas to St. Anthony. I did scoff to my husband and said to him it is not working. He was determined because he felt that he trusted St. Anthony.
1) He got a job offer on “Tuesday” after going to Mass for St. Anthony.
2) He started his first day on a following “Tuesday.”
3) Our cat was missing for eleven days. My husband went to Mass for St. Anthony. After his departure for this Mass and he lit a candle before St. Anthony as he begged St. Anthony to have his cat found. We went out of our house and we heard a meow and we were shocked to see our cat. He was found on “Tuesday”
4) I posted a large package to my daughter in China two months ago. She never got it , even she went to the Post Office twice and they kept saying no. I prayed to St. Anthony for a help last Sunday and guess what! She got my package on “Tuesday”
I am still godsmacked and St. Anthony is a very amazing saint…He won my heart. I am now devoted to him. Super Tuesdays.

Thank you B.C. for your testimonial about St. Anthony, we hope that others are inspired by it to pray for the intercession of Good St. Anthony in every aspect of their lives~

Many people pray a Novena to St. Anthony on thirteen consecutive Tuesdays, per the instructions of Pope Leo XIII, or on all Tuesdays.