Friday, July 26, 2013

St. Anthony You Truly Are Amazing

From our reader M.M. comes this testimony to St. Anthony's help in people's everyday lives:

"It's never occurred that I called upon St. Anthony and my prayer went unanswered!! Not once no matter how trivial or serious he's always there! When I thought I had lost my atm card, I found it within a few minutes in my laptop bag ! Once on my way to college I dropped a new wristwatch. It was a gift from my mom and I prayed for it fervently! And lo, when I got back from college that day the security guard at my hostel entrance were standing with my watch in their hand! She explained that someone had spotted it and had left it in their care!! My oh St. Anthony you truly are amazing and I can feel your presence in my life all the time...!and I pray to him for any my studies there's been times when I couldn't prepare well for exams and behold, I've topped the class in medicine! Thank you so much St. Anthony for being my miracle worker!"