Friday, August 2, 2013

The Mass Of Saint Anthony Of Padua

If you do not know about the Traditional Latin Mass, please know that it is the Mass of St. Anthony of Padua, of all the saints, martyrs, virgins and other Doctors of the Church. It is the Mass of your grandparents and theirs and theirs. It is your liturgical patrimony; it is your Catholic birthright; it is the great jewel of Christendom and the most beautiful thing this side of heaven. If you don't yet know it, come to know it, and the true fullness of the Roman Catholic Faith, as you have been separated from your Catholic heritage by the very thing which is the touchstone of the Catholic Faith: The Mass.

The Latin Mass is not lost, it can now be found, thanks to the generous pastoral care of Pope Benedict XVI. To experience the Mass that St. Anthony himself celebrated, visit the website of the Coalition in Support of Ecclesia Dei for listings of Traditional Latin Masses in the United States.