Saturday, August 17, 2013

I Said A Prayer To St. Anthony

My granddaughter who had just turned 18 years old, lost her wallet containing money, valuable bank cards and other licenses. We searched all over the house for over 4 hours and could not find the wallet. She was panicking. I said a prayer to St. Anthony asking him to find the wallet, right away that evening, so she could get to sleep and not worry about the lost wallet . I told St Anthony that if he found it right away I would publish a prayer to him in the newspaper. Within 15 minutes my granddaughter yelled down from her upstairs bedroom that she found the wallet in her cosmetic drawer, where she never would have put it normally. This happened on the weekend and I could not call the newspaper till Monday morning, which I forgot to do. On Tuesday morning while I was sweeping my patio, I looked down and saw something shinny on the patio blocks. I stooped over and when I picked it up to my amazement it was a medal of St. Anthony. We have no idea how it got there as it does not belong to anyone in the family. The patio is private in my back yard and we did not have any visitors over the weekend. I took it as a sign that St Anthony was reminding me to tell this story and not to forget to put the prayer in the newspaper. Therefore I am writing this email to thank St. Anthony for his help. It was truly a miracle and so very much appreciated.

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This story was an answer to my own prayer, as I wanted a new story of Saint Anthony's help in someone's life for this blog. So, thank you Saint Anthony for finding me a new story, and thank you to our blog reader P.M.J. Have a story of your own you would like to share? Email us and we will post it on the blog~