Thursday, March 12, 2015

I Cried In Gratitude To Saint Anthony

Years and years ago I had lost a huge key ring of keys. At the time money was so tight and the thought of trying to get new keys made for everything from cars to the house etc… was upsetting and left me with pure guilt. How could I be so careless? What could I have done to prevent this from happening? What made it sickening was on this key chain I had irreplaceable sentimental souvenir coins and charms. I searched everywhere. Re-tracing every inch I could have lost them. Thinking it had to be in the hands of someone that would just toss it in the trash being useless to them. I could picture them tossed in an old dirty dumpster floor.
A co-worker heard how distraught I was and the effort I was searching for this keyring while I was trying to be realistic and listing everything from my home, garage, bike lock keys to my Mom’s keys, my car to my Mom’s car keys… The list increased as I tried to account for everything. I received lectures from everyone how I shouldn’t have ever had them all on the same keyring. Frustrated with myself with the thought I would have to go and collect my Mom’s spare keys. Then my co-worker told me to pray to Saint Anthony. First of all, I am not Catholic. I believe in the good of God but I could count on my ten fingers how many times I have been to church which most have been for weddings.
I went home that evening from work and looked everywhere once again without any luck. In desperation, I got down on my knees and prayed with all my heart. I wasn’t expecting a miracle but possibly some guidance or help with the consequence of my loss and tried to sleep.
They say the morning brings a new day. I woke up telling myself I had to just “deal with it” and will search for a local locksmith after the work day. Got ready for work as usual and as I was ready to rush out of the house with my two spare keys (house and car) in hand, I went for my purse and laying on my purse was my missing keyring. I screamed. Anyone would have thought I won the power ball. Let me repeat, they were ON TOP of my purse not even in my purse. I was stunned. I cried in gratitude to Saint Anthony. It had to be him.
Thank you Saint Anthony, thank you with all my heart.

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