Monday, March 30, 2015

I Searched High And Low

About 5 months ago I lost my favorite necklace. I remember taking it off in my bedroom. I searched high and low, going through my wardrobe thinking it may have gotten caught in some piece of clothing I had been wearing. I searched through all my jewelry numerous times to no avail. Shortly thereafter my daughter lost her job and we were devastated. I had already been praying to St. Anthony to find my necklace; now I needed him to find my daughter a job as well. I prayed for months but decided that a job was more important than a necklace so I told St. Anthony to forget the necklace. I continued to pray for my daughter to find a job. Today in church as I was walking by the pamphlet rack I noticed the Children's missals. I also noticed they were the very same as ones I had bought my granddaughters many years ago. Right beside them was my necklace that someone had found in church and placed there. The strangest thing is I had walked by that rack every Sunday since my necklace went missing and it was only today that I just happen to glance in that direction. Thank you, St. Anthony!

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