Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Sense That I Should Ask Was Very Strong

I lost an expensive new birthday gift yesterday that I had only had for two days, a fitbit fitness tracker. I knew the window of time that it had been lost in and had been back to every place and asked dozens of people if they had seen it if they remembered if I was still wearing it. I had even begun to suspect it had perhaps been stolen by a pickpocket by a door to door sales person I met and shook hands with. By this morning I had made the decision to accept it's loss and marked it up to experience.
The next moment I saw someone that I know slightly and stopped to talk to her - She was looking harassed because she had lost an large expenses receipt and if she can't find it it will leave her seriously out of pocket. For the first time in two days I wasn't even thinking of my own lost item. We talked through every place it might have been and she said she would check a few more placed at home. As we parted I said, "You should send a prayer up to St. Anthony." Then immediately - I suddenly thought. I should ask at my sons school about the fitbit. This seemed strange because I'd already lost it by school pick-up time, and I still had it when I dropped him at school. But the sense that I should ask was very strong. I went in and asked at reception and there it was. Someone had found it in the street on the corner between some shops and the school, and handed it in there because they thought it looked like a kids watch. ( I have very thin wrists.)
I hope that my acquaintance (who I now see more as a friend) has found that receipt. I have a strong feeling it is in a book she was reading at the time she was doing the work.
So, intervention or focused intuition. I know that the two things are in the end the same. Thank you St.Anthony - x X x
I am glad to have found my fitbit and regained my connection and faith in people. Now I just need to make amends somehow to the street seller for suspecting them though I don't know how. It was wrong of me to have suspected them, because of their 'hard sales' style of being dishonest.

Thank you N.H. for your great St. Anthony story. In our post on 'How To Find Something By Praying To St. Anthony', it is clear that following your intuition is key to finding what is lost.