Monday, July 20, 2015

I Truly Believe In St. Anthony

Hi There,
I truly believe in St. Anthony and I also want to spread my experience with others - I can actually see the miracle happening with others as well.
I had misplaced my passport and couldn’t find it. I have the habit of carrying important document along with me to office and whenever I change my bag or dispose them generally very casual assuming all will be safe and nothing left in the old bag. When the time came for me produce my passport I realized I lost or misplaced it and couldn’t find it. At that time my Catholic friend told me about St. Anthony and asked me to pray to him for lost and found items. I couldn’t believe it was a Tuesday - I prayed and I found my passport in my cupboard the next day within my dresses. Then I became a follower of St. Anthony. I have many experiences with my family and friends, wherein I felt my family wouldn't believe me, so I prayed and they found it.

My sister and niece had gone shopping, after they came back home, my niece’s golden earring was missing from one of her ears. The minute I heard this I prayed to St. Anthony without their knowledge. The next day my sister went to those shops where they had gone last night. One shopkeeper had kept the earring safely, since he thought it might of the young girl who was playing with the dresses hanging on the display. It's unbelievable.

I work for a digital ad agency - my colleague got new debit card and apparently there was issue with her pin number, hence she kept it at home and then was not able to locate it. She was worried to inform others at home since it was new debit card. I told her about St. Anthony, and today she got the card and the card is functional. We discussed this last Tuesday, and today again it was Tuesday and she could withdraw money. Isn’t this a miracle. The minute I was talking to her, she was very much convinced and did a google search to find out more about St. Anthony and that’s how I started speaking my heart out. Hope this helps someone to find the lost item.
Regards, S.K.

Thank you for you S.K. for your stories of faith and prayer. St. Anthony is always there, ready to help whenever asked, with Tuesday's as common day that prayers are answered~