Thursday, July 30, 2015

I Couldn't Find My Passport

I was in the United States for a visit, but I am originally from Nigeria. With just two days to my return to my country, I couldn't find my passport. I searched everywhere and didn't even sleep at night. I started praying and was really scared, and then I googled the St. Anthony prayer for lost items and prayed with faith, believing in God. The next morning I started the search again, still praying and reciting the prayer, but the only place that kept coming to mind was at FEDEX where I went to scan my passport. I went there with my aunt, and God being faithful to me, the workers had kept it safe for me, and it had been there for over two weeks. God is indeed a merciful God.

Thank you I. for your story of prayer and faith in God, through the intercession of good St. Anthony~