Thursday, October 29, 2015

2015 All Souls Day Memorial Mass at St. Anthony's Basilica

This coming All Souls’ Day we remember our dear departed, whose memory fills us with longing and some grief. Keep your love for them alive; remember them for all time in your heart and in your prayers. Commend them to Saint Anthony’s care through the prayers of the Franciscan Friars of St. Anthony. You are welcome to ask the Friars to pray for your dear departed at a special Memorial Mass to be held at Saint Anthony’s Basilica, Padua, at 8:15 am CET on November 2nd, All Souls’ Day. They will also gladly place a candle on Saint Anthony’s Tomb in memory of your loved ones. As your little light shines out, they will pray for you and with you that God may bring you His sweet comfort and solace. On November 2nd at 8:15 am CET all are invited to watch the Mass live stream from Saint Anthony’s Basilica in Padua, Italy.