Saturday, October 24, 2015

What A Relief!

My youngest son, who works in a bank, was a custodian of land titles which are submitted by loan clients as collateral. Several months ago, he was given another responsibility and left this custodianship to another employee. It was during this time that they realized that one land title was missing. It was submitted by a client, but her loan transaction did not push through. That title was traced to have been submitted to my son. Since the transaction did not push through, the land title was not placed in the usual collateral cabinet. My son and all the employees in that department have been trying to locate the land title for months.

When my son informed me of this problem, I knew only a miracle could help him. So I thought of St. Anthony and sent a prayer request via email to a St. Anthony website. Then, their department had to move to a new office location. My son and other employees in their department took this opportunity to look for the title again for the nth time while packing folders and documents. According to my son, he had this gut feeling and asked his team mates to take out all the drawers of a cabinet and literally turned it upside down and he even pounded the top of the cabinet with his fist. That is when the brown envelope containing the land title fell on the floor. It got stocked in-between the drawers. What a relief!

In this country, it takes time and money to have the title replaced. We would have spent around P100,000.00 for the reconstitution of the title. Not to mention, the reputation of my son in the performance of his job. We are so thankful to St. Anthony. My son has been telling his officemates that it was indeed a miracle by St. Anthony.

Thank you C.L. for your great story of St. Anthony's help via prayer combined with intuition. If you have a St. Anthony story that you would like to share with our blog readers, please email it to us~