Thursday, October 8, 2015

We Couldn't Find The Money

We recently received two emails in the same week from readers that had lost cash, and then found it with the help of St. Anthony's intercession. Here they are~

This morning my wife gave me some money to put in my pocket so she wouldn't lose it. I thought I had but later we couldn't find the money. We looked everywhere we had been; in the car around the house, in all our pockets, in my wallet and in my wife's bag. No money. Then half in jest, I made a request to St. Anthony to find the money. You've guessed it! Within 5 minutes the money turned up, almost, but not quite, down the back of a chair I had been sitting in. Now a cynic would say I hadn't looked far enough BUT I had given up looking! I was just going to sit in that chair, not look for the money there! 1-0 for St. Anthony I think! -M.M.

I lost $300.00 and I couldn't find it. However, I remember getting out of my car in a busy parking lot. Even if I dropped the money there I was certain someone would most likely had found it and kept it. After praying to St. Anthony I went back to the spot hours later and found the money laying all over. Thank you St. Anthony!! -J.A.C.

Have a story of St. Anthony's assistance in your life? Email it to us and we will post it on the blog to encourage others to ask for St. Anthony's help too~