Friday, December 11, 2015

Just Point Me In The Right Direction

My husband could not find his wallet this morning. We spent an hour looking throughout our house and in his truck. We looked in all the same places at least 2 or three times. I even went through the very smelly garbage twice just to double check. He back tracked to all the places he went in the morning. All the while I was praying to St. Anthony (as I have always done since I was little). Saint Anthony has never ever let me down. I can't think of one instance that he didn't come through for me. And I kept reminding him of that and thanking him at the same time. I remember saying "Oh Dear St. Anthony, please help me find my husbands wallet. Please just point me in the right direction". And as I turned to walk in to our living room, my eyes went straight to his recliner. And although we both checked that chair numerous times, including flipping it over, I made a beeline right to it. Only this time, I sat in it and reclined it. Then I stuck my arm in as deep as I could behind me in to the bottom of the chair. And then I felt the familiar cool soft leather of his wallet and I knew I found it. I was so happy, excited and relieved and ever so grateful. My husband couldn't believe it and was also so happy and thankful. Thank you Saint Anthony for prayers answered.

Thank you D.C. for such a faith-filled story, may we all come to trust as much in St. Anthony's assistance~