Thursday, December 24, 2015

St. Anthony's Email Bag - Little Answered Prayers 5

We receive many brief stories of gratitude for Saint Anthony's help sent to us, here a few of the more recent ones:

"My son's car was stolen on 10/29 and I start praying to St. Anthony on 11/1, and on 11/4 the car was found in great shape no dents . It seems the starter quit and needed a new starter so that might be what saved us from losing it permanently, or having it chopped up. I love you St. Anthony, my prayers were answered." -R.K.

Blessed be St. Anthony! Works the vast majority of the time. I was looking for a turtle quilt pattern in my many piles of patterns and I found one – BUT – it wasn’t the exact turtle pattern I was looking for. After thanking him for that turtle, I added more specific details [and visualization] and I sure did find the particular pattern I was looking for. He works miracles. Thanks for listening. Jxo" -L.L.

"Tonight my mother lost her mothers antique diamond ring, all my grandmother ever owned while in this world. My grandmother had no possessions in this life when she died it was all my mother had left to remember her. I prayed to St. Anthony, patron saint of her brother, and 30 minutes later the store it was lost in called to tell me - a small boy found it and turned it in. May God bless that little boy and his family with many blessing and good health. Amen" -S.D.

"Thanksgiving to St. Anthony - My two dogs were lost for 6 LONG days. I prayed faithfully, & St. Anthony intervened to our loving God.  My dogs were found this morning & returned to me. Thank you St. Anthony,  I love you" -C.D.

"This prayer really does work. I lost my wallet, and my granddaughter told me about this prayer. I did exactly how it suggested I should, and I was lead to it. After it being lost for six days!!" -F.T.

"My friend came to my apartment to help with a computer problem. When he got home he couldn't find his wallet. We all panicked because if it was lost near my place it most likely would never show up again. I live in a bad part of town in an apartment complex. We searched high and low at both places. I asked my neighbors for help. I said a fervent prayer to St. Anthony to please turn up my friend's wallet. Minutes later they called and said they found it at home by the bed. I have other stories too. St Anthony has never failed me when I asked for lost items if it be God's will. Thank you St Anthony!!!!" -M.B.H.

"Thank you St. Anthony for favor granted" -Anon.

"He always helps me just when I think no help is left!  He helped me find my lost keys just in time, right before I had to pay a huge fee to re-key my apartment, storage, mailbox and car!  He is such a dedicated and reliable Saint! Thank You St. Anthony, I love you! " -V.A.

"I had been looking all morning Sunday for my license..I went to evening Mass, lit a candle to Jesus and said a prayer to St. Anthony. I came home and prepared for work, decided to look in one other place before retiring for the night..Praise be to God and St. Anthony, I found the county clerk and church copy... Blessings to St. Anthony.." -E.W.

"I thank God for through the intercession of Saint Anthony I found my lost identity card and atm cards in a short span." -P.W.

"The batteries for my radio that I listen to every night had run out, and they are a size (4 D's) that I usually don't keep around as I don't use that kind very much. Though the chance was small, I prayed for St. Anthony's help to find some of the right sized batteries. Just as I was saying the prayer, I opened one of my many junk drawers and there right on top were 4 D batteries, new in the package. Talk about a quick answer to prayer! Thank you St. Anthony for always helping, always being close by." -Ygnacia

Many people, perhaps most, will say these are all little coincidences, chance happenings. But when they happen to you personally, you know they aren't just a coincidence, you can tell the difference. So, say this popular prayer to St. Anthony the next time you can't find something: 'Good St. Anthony look around, something's lost and must be found'. And then, when you find what you were looking for, don't forget to say a little prayer of thanksgiving~

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