Wednesday, December 30, 2015

With The Help Of This Sweet Saint

Dear Anthonians, I'd love to thank St. Anthony for his kindness upon me and my family.  I had been looking for my husband's misplaced license plate for a very long time.  I just could not remember where I kept it, and my husband wasn't making things easier with the way he was going about me finding it.  Just this morning, he told me that the buyer of his old car was coming and he would need to sell it with the license plate on and that he would really need it.  I was so clueless because I didn't exactly  remember where I had kept it in the garage. Just then I made up my mind to go search for it, but with the help of this sweet Saint. I first implored him and went out in search of it, only for my husband to tell me that he had seen it just as I was approaching the garage.  I quickly went in and made a thanksgiving prayer to St. Anthony.  Thank you my patron Saint and that of my home, Amen.

Thank you M.C. for your wonderful story of St. Anthony's assistance in your time of need. If you have a St. Anthony story to share with our readers, please email it to  us to share on the blog.