Monday, January 25, 2016

I Was Looking For The Money

Just yesterday I was looking for the money I kept to pay for my upcoming monthly credit card bill. I was unable to find it, so I asked the intercession of St. Anthony. I was sure where I had kept it, but for some senior moments I lost track of the place. I cleaned my table, cabinets and the most likely places I hide things, but to no avail, I can't see the money. While meditating and thinking where I hid the money, all of a sudden it popped up to my mind the folder of paid statement of accounts. True, it was indeed inserted there. What a relief, after thinking about the loss all last night, and cleaning up my table the whole day. Thank you St. Anthony for the recovery. Thanks thanks thanks.

Thank you P.C. for your great story about St. Anthony's intercession. If you have something you need to find and need some assistance, just ask Saint Anthony, he is a friend who wants to help~