Wednesday, January 13, 2016

This Difficult Grace

Back in December of 2014 we received the following email from one of our readers, which we posted on our blog here:
"'I thank my husband for introducing St. Anthony to me. St. Anthony is my best friend! Tuesday becomes my lucky day, always, since I started my devotion to St. Anthony!!! We got some amazing graces from him on Tuesdays! He is our great advocate. I am now praying for my sister and myself to heal the rift. We have not seen each other for more than ten years. I am praying to St. Anthony for his support and I will let you know if I get this difficult grace.' -M.C. 
Today, over a year later, we received the following update from M.C. regarding that 'difficult grace': 
"I have good news to tell you that my sister and myself are back in contact after many years of no contact. We are happy that we are in our lives again.  I thank St. Anthony and my other saints to pray for this impossible grace." -M.C.
God can and does answer prayers when we persevere, through the intersession of Good St. Anthony~