Friday, January 8, 2016

People Who Have Faith In St. Anthony

We had our granddaughter for the day, had a wonderful day. Her mother picked her up, we gave them our hugs to each other. Anyways, my husband was getting ready for work, and he couldn't find his wallet. We looked everywhere for it. I was praying to St. Anthony with all of my heart. My husband called to tell me, "I think my wallet fell out of my pocket when I was hugging our granddaughter, maybe it is there." So I sent a text to her mother and I told her about the wallet. She said she would check around the area our cars were. I then prayed harder, I said, "Dear St. Anthony, please help her find the wallet. If I can't find my money, please help me find my husband's wallet."  30 minutes later, she called and said she found the wallet. I was in such shock. In a parking lot not touched? The way of the Lord, works in mysterious ways. But always to the benefit to the people who have the faith in St. Anthony. I also say, "I might not find it today or tomorrow, but I will eventually find it." I am able to stay calm because I trust St. Anthony. The feeling is intense!

Thank you J.P. for your faith-filled story of St. Anthony's help~