Monday, March 21, 2016

I Am Confident In His Love

Through Saint Anthony's intercession, several of my possessions have been found. I had lost an angel bracelet that was special to me while walking my dogs, and was heartbroken. I prayed to Saint Anthony for his intercession, and my bracelet was found in the grass the next morning. A bracelet of our Blessed Mother Mary had a piece fall off, and I prayed the prayer to Saint Anthony and a day or two later, when I was on my computer, it was sitting right on the desk in front of me. I didn't even remember going in that room for several days! I know that God's Love is the most powerful force in the universe, for He created the universe. I am confident in His Love for me, for He gave up His only Begotten Son, Jesus, who died for us. I am also confident in the intercession of the saints, who are in Heaven with God and are filled compassion for their brothers and sisters. If anyone is feeling uncertain or confused or overwhelmed, overwhelm yourself with God's grace and trust in His Love for you. Never doubt His power and pure Love!
Thank you C.V. for your very trusting story of God's Grace through the intercession of Good St. Anthony~