Friday, March 11, 2016

My Sister Said To Pray To St. Anthony

I would like to share with you this amazing even simple story. My husband and I are separated. Financially we have found it difficult to keep the lifestyle we used to have. Now we watch every cent we spend and as much as possible we buy secondhand books for school and other things. I gave my son $60 in an envelope stapled to his diary which he was supposed to give to a teacher at school to buy some secondhand books we were able to get a half price. My son lost his diary on Monday and couldn't find it anywhere and we were sure the money would've been stolen. My sister said to pray to St. Anthony to recover the diary and money so I did. I've been praying since Monday and today, Thursday, my son found his diary in lost property with the money in the envelope intact. That's so amazing it's incredible. He bought his second hand books with much relief and realize what a powerful Saint we have in St. Anthony. Thanks, C.Z.