Monday, March 28, 2016

To Me It Was A Miracle

There is this very valuable bracelet my mom gave to me full of charms that speak of our relationship. That was one of my most prized possessions. One night out I was wearing it and the next day much to my dismay it couldn't be found at all. I looked all over my house, my boyfriend's car, my friend's car that I spent a few minutes in, even called the establishments we were at and they all told me that it wasn't to be seen. I prayed and prayed to God and St. Anthony asking for help that I find it. I was depressed for 2 days but still had been praying that it would turn up, that I even lost hope to find it. On midnight 2 days later my friend calls me to tell me he found my bracelet, still intact, under the mat of his car when he out of nowhere decided to clean it! You have no idea how thankful I was after, to me it was a miracle. I never thought I'd see it again, all thanks to St. Anthony's intercession. I am relieved and my faith is so much more strengthened!! Prayers do work, just never give up! God always finds a way! Thank you Saint Anthony!
And thank you M.T. for your story of St. Anthony's assistance in finding something precious to you - Saint Anthony is a good friend in Heaven, waiting to help~