Friday, December 9, 2016

I Leapt For Joy

I would like to share a miraculous act of St. Anthony. I and my husband bought tickets to go to a business conference worth £120.00. Four weeks down the line the conference was here and the tickets were nowhere to be found.  We looked everywhere for a week, all possible places to no avail. A day before the conference I turned to the Saint my Grandmother had told me finds lost things. I forgot his name, so I Googled him. And yes of course it was St. Anthony; I remembered. I lit a candle, turned the TV off and prayed, 'St. Anthony look around, the tickets are lost and can't be found.'  While saying the above prayer I started the search one more time in all the possible and impossible places. Within 25 minutes my hand went for a bag which had nothing to do with the tickets, and placed in a note book were the tickets.  I leapt for joy, and in tears turned to St. Anthony to give thanks. This whole encounter helped me resolve to pray more, be kind and more loving, and above all seek ye first the Kingdom of God.

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