Wednesday, December 21, 2016

St. Anthony Brought My Wedding Rings Back

Giving thanks to St. Anthony for his intercession on a divine level to assist me in getting my wedding rings back. I had hidden my wedding rings in my home about 4 months ago after a rash of house breaking ins and robberies in our area.  I was working in another community so felt that I may lose my rings, I hid them at my house in a place that I was confident that anyone breaking into my home would not look. However, I changed my mind so often about hiding places so many times (thinking they still would be in a obvious place to a thief) that my hiding place became so obscure that I could not remember where they were when I returned some weeks later. Yesterday, I remembered that my mother always prayed to St. Anthony when she lost something and it always turned up. Mom always lost her car keys, so as children we would have to join her on bended knees to pray to St. Anthony for their return. I thought for so many of my young years that St. Anthony was “the keeper of the keys” lol. I said my prayer to St. Anthony yesterday morning and afterwards a series of events took place that lead my husband to clean out an old plastic bin in my son’s closet. We started throwing away items that were in that bin so we could use it for storing items I had just bought to make soap. My husband opened a long thin box to ensure there was nothing worth saving in it before he tossed it into the garbage. His eyes were so wide as his took my wedding rings out of the box. My rings showed up in a box that held my son’s baptismal candle. My son is now 27 years old, living in another province for the past 7 years. I cannot remember putting my rings in that box. I looked up some information on St. Anthony to connect with him spiritually, I needed to know about him. My heartbeat intensified when I saw that his feast day is June 13th., for that is my husband’s birthday. My husband is the most gentle, kind and humble person I have ever met. God brought my husband into my life to heal my heart and St. Anthony brought my wedding rings back through him to remind me how sacred our union is. I had lost sight of that. I lost my rings during a critical time in our marriage. Thank you St. Anthony!
Thank you L.M. for your beautiful story of prayer and the finding of things lost. If you have a story you would like to share on our blog, please email it to us to post~