Saturday, January 7, 2017

I Was Skeptical

I had lost keys they had everything on them: my car, the house, my dad's house, my beach hut, and most importantly a key ring picture of my daughter when she was very young. I searched the house with my husband for three days solid, pulling out areas that were just not a possibility of hiding the keys but we were so clueless as to where they were. A friend mentioned about the prayer to St. Anthony to ask for help. I was skeptical but thought it would do no harm. That evening before bed I prayed and asked for his help. The next morning I called my friend and told her I had not had any visits so to speak in the night to guide me, and to really mock her suggestion I said to her all I had dreamt of that night was a huge house full of beds and mattresses; we chuckled and the carried on with our day. 
I was still hunting for my keys that evening when I said to my husband, maybe they had fallen into one of the drawers in the bedroom if they were slightly open? 48 hours previously that was a silly idea, but we were so confused as to where they were we looked anywhere! He went to the bedroom and opened the drawers but found nothing. He then pulled a bag out from under our bed which contained my nightwear, only to see the keys sitting in the bag! I immediately called my friend, over the moon our keys had been found, and was taken aback by her response. She said, I told you St. Anthony would help you. I then remembered my dream the previous night; I had dreamt of beds. And where were my keys? Under my bed in a bag. Now I'm not a pushover with things, but that is just plain awesome don't you think!! Regards, M.B. 

Yes M.B., we do think that is awesome. Have an awesome story of St. Anthony's help in your life to share? Email it to us and we will post it on our blog~