Sunday, January 1, 2017

Thank You St. Anthony, Thank You

Thank you St. Anthony for your help and intervention in finding our collection of house keys and car key. We, that is my wife and I, have been searching for these keys since Christmas Eve 12/24/16 under beds, in cupboards, above the rafters, in shopping bags, sorting through the household scraps and rubbish as well as the recycling bin, around various gardens where I had trimmed and weeded, in the cars several times to no avail. They must be in my man shed. Spending a couple of days thoroughly searching every nook and cranny, shelves, cupboards, wire hooks and around the floor supports, the bundle of keys still did not appear. Well, then I turned to the church and asked some of the choir group had they found a bunch of keys, on Christmas Eve, which I may have left on the church floor; I even asked the Priest. All this was unsuccessful, so I approached the police station and left a description for the lost and found. The search continued on the small town's community web site for lost and found. No luck there either. Completely convinced that those keys would never be found I began securing the gates and doors with different locks. Only the 4wd car remained unsecured as it has remote central locking. Therefore all identification and the home address had to be removed in case a thief activated the remote control in a car park and stole the 4wd. They would have access to the home address and the contents of the house. Out of the blue my wife suggested I search St. Anthony's home page and read his prayer for help to find lost items which are of great need. So I did. I learnt the prayer off by heart and proceeded to say the prayer, think of the keys and revisit all the places I had searched thoroughly before. Well as I was looking carefully through the shopping bags on top of the portable fridge downstairs, I found the bunch of keys wedged low down between the protective cover of the camping fridge. My first thought was, "thank you St. Anthony, thank you, thank you, thank you." I wasn't interested in how they came to be there. We were most grateful they had been found. What a great way to start the new year 1/1/17.

Thank you A.D. for starting our New Year off with your great story of St. Anthony's miraculous help. Have a story of your own to share? Email it to us and we will post it on the blog~