Wednesday, January 18, 2017

It Helped Me Find Something Bigger

I don't really have a specific story;  I am more non-denominational in faith. Somehow though, I always felt that Saint Anthony was a very real saint. This last story is just a little story. I work in the medical field, and although lately I am worried about many things happening with my children and at home, I find I am more scattered brained than normal. The result is I am worried about my job too. I have keys to my office assigned to me, they open the office and the medicine locks. If I had lost them, I might have put my job in grave danger. As a single mother this was a terrifying thought. I prayed to Saint Anthony and began to look. I have to laugh, because I did find what I what I was worried about, money (my job)  (3 separate times in my search) and keys (long ago lost house keys one of the children misplaced). I retraced my steps and found a $5.00 dollar bill just floating by out of no where when I left a store I was in to ask if they had seen my keys, and then a friend who owed my money I had forgotten about stopped by and paid me back, and then a long lost gift card found during the search.
After that I found the house keys and had to laugh, Saint Anthony, I prayed, let me be very specific, and I was. Soon after I felt drawn to a certain corner of the room I normally don't pay any attention to. I kept feeling attracted to it. They shouldn't have been there, and I don't know how they got there, or how I found them so quickly - but I am certainly relieved and sure my prayers were heard (plus a few more.)
I am grateful, and so grateful that I wanted the chance to share my story, even though it is very small and insignificant, it helped me find something bigger - my flagging faith. Sincerely, S.N.

Thank you S.N. for sharing your not-so-little story of St. Anthony's help in your search. If you have a story of St. Anthony's assistance in your life, please email it to us and we will post it on our blog~