Sunday, August 6, 2017

It Was Very Fortunate

Another story to add to the many others on the blog. Among other duties my job requires to me be in the field and take pictures of signal equipment along railroads. One hot day a couple years ago I was doing just that, traveling from location to location. When I arrived at a new spot I couldn't find my digital camera. I carefully retraced my steps to my previous location a couple miles away. I searched diligently there and slowly along the two miles of roadway I'd traveled to the next location (along a four lane divided highway) to no avail. I prayed to St. Anthony and also texted my sister to ask her to do the same. I continued to search and decided to make one last trip to the last location I'd used the camera. When I stopped there I noticed another vehicle pulled over at that same spot. While I got out of the truck and started looking around a man got out of the car and asked if I'd lost a camera. Lo and behold he presented it to me. Apparently I'd left it on my truck and it'd fallen off into the middle of the highway. God knows how many folks had driven over it without hitting it but this man had noticed it, and stopped and retrieved it from the road. Other than a couple scratches on the body it was good as new. It was very fortunate it was found because I'd already lost a camera on the job a few years prior and I'm sure the boss wouldn't have been too pleased to hear I'd done it again! For unknown reasons I failed to ask for St. Anthony help with the first camera and it was never found. As fate would have if I've once again lost this same camera and so am asking once again for St. Anthony's intercession.

Thank you J.W. for your great lost and found story - we pray that St. Anthony will help you find the camera again. Have a story of your own to share? Email it to us and we will post it on the blog~