Friday, October 6, 2017

I Started Praying To Saint Anthony

Last Friday morning I realized I had misplaced my red jewelry box. For 3 days I cleaned out drawers and closets searching. On Sunday I started praying to Saint Anthony . Driving home from work on Tuesday evening I turned off the music and quietly recited the prayer all the way home. I had planned to do one more dumpster dive through our trash when I arrived home since Wednesday is trash day. But before going out I decided to look around the house one more time. As I emptied out a sock basket in the bedroom, I heard my husband go down to the basement and I could tell he was looking through everything down there. I was in the living room when he came upstairs and called my name. When I turned around he was standing there holding the jewelry box in his hand. I started crying because inside that box was a ring that belonged to my great grandmother (mother's side) and another that belonged to my grandfather (father's side). They were both irreplaceable. Thank you Saint Anthony for leading my husband to where I had placed the box.
Sincerely, D.R.

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