Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Pray To Saint Anthony For His Help

I will misplace something - work or home - and before I get totally frustrated, I will say a prayer to St. Anthony and then go on with whatever I was doing . . . my mind calms and I can feel a prompting to go retrace my comings and goings and then I find whatever I was looking for. It is not always this timely, but I do find what I was looking for. I also know that once I say the prayer to Saint Anthony, he will eventually help me find whatever I have lost or misplaced. I also tell co-workers and friends to pray to him when they have lost something. I don't let frustration in not finding something reach the point of anger - I pray to Saint Anthony for his help and then let it go.

My prayer: Saint Anthony, I need to ask for your help in finding _______. I know I can trust in you to help me in this search. I give up my frustration, so that you can guide me to where it can be found. Thank you Saint Anthony for your help with this.