Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Faint Sparkle

A faint sparkle... Rings are important to people because of what they represent--commitment, faithfulness, shared struggles, a sacrament shared. In that sense, they can be very holy things--and objects of holy intervention. Ed and Jean K. from North Carolina sent in a touching story about a lost ring and St. Anthony--about seeing “a faint sparkle.” Ed writes: “My wife caught her ring on the sofa cover and discovered the 3/4 carat diamond was missing from the setting. Naturally she got a little upset and looked at me for an answer. I asked how long had it been missing and she wasn't sure, but remembered hitting her hand on a doorway a few days ago. Well that sure wasn't much to go on and I suggested she pray to Saint Anthony while I searched with a flashlight. I was only doing this for her sake because there was little hope of finding something so small. So I looked close to all the doors in the house knowing it was hopeless. But I decided to look by the door going out of the garage, nothing there either. Then I shined the flashlite behind the freezer by the door where there was plenty of dust and leaves and there was a faint sparkle. I bent over and saw the stone and went for my wife to see it before touching it. So once more Saint Anthony came through.” A faint sparkle--not a bad way of describing Anthony’s little way into the soul.

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