Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Friends Help Friends

St. Anthony has been my best friend since I was in the fifth grade. I am now 72 years old. Whenever I have asked him to help me find anything, he has never let me down. One time I went to visit a friend who was frantic because she said she had lost her mortgage check, which was a certified check from the bank. I told her to ask St. Anthony to help her find it and she said she had already done so. I asked her then, "Do you talk to him often?" She said no. So I said, "Dear St. Anthony, so good and so kind, please help my friend her check to find." I no sooner said that prayer to my friend when she walked over to her hutch, picked up a folder and out fell the check. She exclaimed that she had gone to that hutch five times and the check never showed up there. She had even picked up the folder it fell out of and she did not find it. My response was, "Well, you just have to talk to St. Anthony every day, if you want him to know who you are when you do talk to him." He has been my lifelong friend, I always talked to St. Anthony every single day.

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