Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Keys - Lost and Found

For the past three days I had been searching for my house keys, which I lost at home. I already had two keys that enabled me to enter my house but I needed all the keys in the bunch in order to live a normal life, such as being able to open my letter box. After discussing this situation with a friend, she asked me to pray to God to assist me in finding the keys. I told her that we have a saint whom we pray to for lost items. I quickly searched the Web and I saw it was Saint Anthony of Padua. I saw a prayer to him regarding lost things and I said the prayer twice. I was not too optimistic since I had already searched everywhere without success. After two hours I went to sit down on the sofa where I normally watch TV. My mind suddenly told me to look right at the corner of the cushion and I saw my hand extending towards the corner. Immediately there were my keys. There is almost a zero chance that I would have searched for the keys where I found them. I felt humbled. Thank God and thank Saint Anthony of Padua.

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