Saturday, November 19, 2011

Finding More Than Asked For

I had been looking for my house keys for over an hour when I called my mom to ask if she had any insights about where I could look. I followed her suggestions but the keys were nowhere. At last she said, "Well, St. Anthony might help you..." She told me to light a candle, which I did, and say what she told me to say: "St. Anthony, I am a good person and I need your help. Please help me find my keys."

I put the match down, took two steps, and saw my glasses case on the floor (which I'd been looking for for a month), and right by the case were my keys. It was less than 10 seconds since I had asked for his help.

Thank you, St. Anthony. I am going to go to St. Anthony's Church here in our city and make an offering before this day is over.