Monday, November 14, 2011

St. Anthony Hears

My husband had lost one of his very expensive hearing aids in his truck several months ago. He searched all over his truck for it; he looked in his shirt, under the seats, everywhere. He had resolved himself to the loss of the hearing aid. He realized he really needed to buy another hearing aid so he could hear better. I told him we were going to pray to St. Anthony because we needed a miracle and that he would find it for us. My husband had told me he had the truck vacuumed and it could not be there. But I told him we would pray anyway and if we should find it he would have to give St. Anthony something as a thankgiving offering for his intercession. We prayed through St. Anthony's intercession.
Shortly after that as we were getting out of the truck, I was led to look down at the floorboard of the truck and there it was. My husband was astonished. It was a miracle. It saved us a lot of money because hearing aids are quite expensive. Thank you, St. Anthony, for your miracle-working power with us today.

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