Friday, July 11, 2014

St. Anthony Charities - St. Kolbe Medical Centre, Burkina Faso

Are you dedicated to St. Anthony? Has his intercession helped you in your life? In honor of St. Anthony's Bread, which is charity given to the needy in thanksgiving to St. Anthony for prayers answered, we ask our blog readers to consider supporting the St. Maximilain Kolbe Medical Centre in Burkina Faso, Africa. Today this is the only healthcare facility within a radius of 80 kilometers, serving a region that is home to 140,000 people, where there is one doctor per 40,000 people. The small hospital has a ward for in-patients, a lab, general medicine service, a counseling service for patients with chronic illnesses, a dentist, and a pharmacy providing medicines below the market price. Near the Medical Centre there is also a facility for the treatment of malnourished children. A maternity ward too is about to be opened.

There are many health emergencies: from malaria to meningitis, from respiratory infection to complicated childbirths, from serpent’ bites to poisonous insects and burns. Moreover, there are serious road accidents occurring along the only paved road in the area.
An emergency care facility that is going to be built will improve the services this small hospital is now offering. There are many patients whose treatments have been delayed, or who have lost their lives because of the lack of an emergency care facility in the area. Thanks to this new project those living in poverty will be able to access life-saving services and to be diagnosed in time. To help finance the building of the emergency care facility or other projects, click here. Even a small sum can make a difference. Together we can help save thousands of lives~