Tuesday, February 17, 2015

This Was A Gift From St. Anthony To You

A St. Anthony story from Catholicism.about.com:

I am writing about two of my co workers — one lost a set of keys and the other an i-pod. They both came to me at different times because they had heard that I knew a prayer that had worked before. I prayed to St. Anthony because I had lost items, said the prayer from the heart and not the mind, and it worked. The first one found his keys within 15 minutes, the second one got a call within 12 hours. When they came to me and told me the results I felt such a blessing that I wanted to cry but being that I was at work I kept my feelings to myself and told them, this was a gift from St. Anthony to you, now you give St. Anthony a gift and pass it on. And when it comes back full circle enjoy the blessing. It works if you work it from the heart and not the mind. Faith is the key.

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