Sunday, February 22, 2015

Of Course Prayer Works

Hello - I recently misplaced a small lockbox of gemstones, jewelry & precious metals that I had been carefully accumulating over 20 years. I thought it might be a good idea to keep some gold & silver in case my country’s economy collapsed, or we had a natural disaster, or needed emergency funds/valuables to barter in case we became refugees in our lifetime. My husband and I had been adding storage shelving in our basement of our home & in the moving of boxes and the Christmas holiday, my box was not in its usual hiding place! Of course, I tried not panic, and tried a methodical search in places where I thought it might be. After diligently searching for 3 hours, I burst into tears around midnight, and tried to sleep. I could not relax, so I went to my laptop & tried to distract my mind. I somehow found myself reading about prayers to find lost objects. I said the prayers and tried one more search. No luck. I went to sleep and tried to let it go for a night.
My husband came from from his night shift job and when I tearfully confessed, he said ‘I know it's in this house, I will find it.’ 10 minutes later, he came back upstairs with the lockbox in his hands! He said he found it in the new shelving unit, but in another storage tub that looked like the one I had used before.
Of course prayer works - just not in the way we expect it to! God bless.

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