Sunday, February 1, 2015

What A Great Saint We Have!

St. Anthony, I love you! What a great saint we have! I believe with all of my heart! Two years ago, at Christmas, I was wrapping presents when I noticed my diamond was missing from my engagement ring. I've been married for 33 years, and was devastated. I retraced my steps of that day, including calling the owner of the preschool where I work, to check the classroom, playground, parking lot, and even went through the vacuum cleaner bag there! I started praying to St. Anthony right away, and have been praying to him ever since.
Right before Christmas this year, I remember saying another prayer for the lost diamond, and even mentioned to him that at this point he was going to have to make it quite obvious where it was if I was ever going to find it! Well, low and behold, at Christmas this year, there it appeared on my kitchen hallway floor! Just like that! There was no way I could miss it! At first I was skeptical that it was really my diamond, even though it looked like it would fit perfectly into my ring. I've just been contemplating it for weeks now, so today I took it to a local jeweler, and he confirmed that it was indeed a diamond, my diamond. A miracle? Yes! I just said the Prayer to St. Anthony in Thanksgiving for this answered prayer, and it made me cry! I meant every word of that prayer. He is forever in my heart. Thank you!

Thank you C.V. for your truly amazing story of the power of 'the prayers of a just man', our own Good St. Anthony. Have a story of your own to share with our readers? Email us your story to be posted on our blog~