Monday, February 20, 2012

Another Passport Found

Now, I normally use my passport for all ID-related things, on account of not driving. I always keep it in my purse, but one day I couldn’t find it. So, I had a slight panic moment but managed to recover and have a lovely evening, reminding myself that I had recently taken a bunch of things out of my purse, and probably inadvertently removed the passport. I did notice that I had misplaced my work ID as well, but since I needed to use that to get into my office after eating lunch, I am pretty sure I just left it on my desk. I got home and looked around. Note, I will say it now, the first place I checked was in my backpack that I use to lug my laptop around. I put away a whole bunch of things that was in piles around my apartment. No luck. I called my mom. She looked around on the coffee table where I usually leave my purse at her house. No luck. So I walked over to the grocery store and the little Chinese take out place I’ve been eating at recently. No luck. On the way home, I started chanting the St. Anthony Prayer: 'Dear St. Anthony, please come round, something is lost that cannot be found. If you find it, please bring it to me, and I’ll be happy as can be.' I walked in the door. I looked around a bit more. I reached inside my backpack one. more. time. And pulled out my passport. YEP, ST. ANTHONY.

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