Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lost Diamond Found

Here's another St. Anthony story I recently remembered.

This happened in about 2000 or 2001. I was working at a corporation in Chicago with several consultants. We were having a group meeting with my boss when I noticed the lady consultant sitting next to me was missing the diamond from her wedding ring. As soon as the meeting ended and before we even rose from our chairs, I called her attention to the missing stone. All of us began looking carefully on the floor and all around, and she stood and brushed her clothing hoping it would fall out. No luck. We all looked carefully all around the meeting room, then out into the hallway and even all they way back to her temporary office hoping to spot the stone. But we did not find it. After about a half hour of looking I told her I told her I would pray to St. Anthony to find the diamond, and told her she should pray too. She was skeptical and looked at me as if I were not very bright, and I do not think she prayed. After a while we stopped looking but I continued to pray for her to find her diamond, and she was quite upset to have lost it, having been married over 25 years. A few days later I got a phone call from her at work. She was very excited and told me "You are not going to believe this!" The evening before she had done some laundry, and when she went to put away some clothing in her lingerie drawer, there gleaming in the drawer amid her clothes was her diamond! I immediately said, "Thank you St. Anthony!!!" and she thanked me profusely for praying. I hope she became a devotee of St. Anthony that day!

Thank you again B.B. for another inspiring story. Have your own testimony to share about St. Anthony and answered prayer? Email us to have it posted on our blog~