Thursday, February 23, 2012

St. Anthony's Comment Box Quotes - From Slovacek

A valuable item at our household was lost on Monday morning and I learned that it had been lost this morning. Along with my wife and daughter, I searched the entire house for the item (when I search, I search thoroughly). I went to a couple of places away from the house where it might have been lost – no success. I went to the gift shop at our church, bought a St. Anthony prayer card, said the prayer and returned home. When I got home, I searched the driveway and the grass around the driveway – possible spots where it might have fallen – no luck. I approached the front door and laying on ground right in front of our door, there it was! It was not partially covered up. It was in plain sight. We surely would have seen it Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday under normal circumstances. Thank you God and thank you St. Anthony!

Thank you to Slovacek commenting on for this inspiring Saint Anthony story~