Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Believe In St. Anthony

I have always admired St. Anthony and wear the St. Anthony medal often. My story about his help finding a lost object is still awesome to me.

My husband had gone to buy groceries and when he got home he noticed his diamond ring was missing from his left hand. I was very upset as this ring is very valuable monetarily, as well as sentimentally. I went back to the store and looked every where, especially through the vegetable area. I reported the loss to the manager of the store and to the young man that usually took care of the vegetable area. I didn't find the ring so I went home and started praying for St. Anthony's help. I prayed for a whole week. We were thrilled beyond words when the store called, after a week of the loss, to tell us they found the ring. My husband went to retrieve his lost ring. The young man that took care of the vegetables found the ring while cleaning out a turnip green bin. My husband offered him a nice money award but the young man would not take it. Thank you again dear God for answering St. Anthony's intersession for us. This is absolutely a true story.

Another strange thing happened many years earlier about this same ring. My husband had noticed one of the diamonds was missing from this ring. It has 4 diamonds in the center. I started praying to St. Anthony, and we could hardly believe it when my husband found that diamond in the car door handle. I believe in St. Anthony, to say the least.

Thank you to our blog reader D.C. for these inspiring stories of St. Anthony's intersession~