Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Lost It Again

It was Ash Wednesday, 2011, and I was at Mass. I prayed for the intercession of Saint Anthony to help me find a lost document. I had turned my car upside down looking for it (the last place it had been seen). After Mass, I returned to work, sat down and proceeded to get back to my computer. Suddenly, I felt this urge, so I followed it - I went back to my car, opened the back door, and reached under the far seat, and there it was! I sat in silence for a few moments, and then went back to work, giving thanks.

Well, a few weeks ago, I realised that I had misplaced the document, AGAIN. Once again, it was found, and then promptly lost. So, yesterday, March 12, 2012, I came home for lunch and there it was in my mailbox. Poor Saint Anthony must be getting sick of me asking for his help! I am eternally grateful for his intercession.

Thank you to for this story~