Tuesday, April 10, 2012

St. Anthony Did Hear My Prayers

My daughter was involved in a car accident last Easter on her way back to college in San Marcos, Texas, when her car rolled and all items in her car were strewn along the side of the road. A ring she had that she bought in remembrance of my mother who had passed just less than two years before was all she wanted or cared about finding. We looked in the vehicle and it was not in there. On my way with her in bringing her back to college, we stopped close to where the accident was, just hoping we might find it. The grass was overgrown and the hopes of finding it were very unlikely. We began our search. About 10 minutes into the search, I prayed to St.Anthony for his intercession, in the hopes of finding the ring. Within minutes, I found the ring in an area where there was little grass. All my daughter could do was cry tears of joy. St Anthony did hear my prayers.

Thank you to stanthony.org for this story~